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Your financial future.
Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Effortless, automated, and sustainable saving and investing.
Reach your goals easily with financial coaches by your side.

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With us and our Partners

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Everyone should be able to shape their financial future with a good feeling - regardless of financial knowledge and assets.

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save time and avoid wrong decisions

Financial experts by your side

Intelligent advice from our financial bot and human experts. Whenever you need it.

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The best strategy for every goal

Our pockets help you reach your financial goals with ease.
Sweet, right?

List of financial goals
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Take relevant decisions with our financial bot by your side

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Receive clear recommendations for saving rates and suitable financial products

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Save and invest automatically, with personalized insights for your money

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STOP postponing your finances

Make more out of your money

Everyone should be able to easily invest their money for the future with zero effort, a long-term strategy, and low costs.
We put your money in boost mode without blowing it.

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The fastest way to an incredibly smart financial setup

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We get to
know you

Discuss your current situation with our financial bot and human coaches.


Explore your potential

Divide your money holistically and discover the optimal strategy for your goals.

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Create smart plans for your goals

Take decisions with us and plan all important financial goals step-by-step.

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Implement your strategy

You'll get product recommendations and clear to-dos that will help you to achieve your goals.


the holistic Financial App

Feel good about your financial future

Your financial life
perfectly balanced

for your progress

Clear insights
for your money

Pockets for
every goal.
But with returns.

Save time with answers to all your financial questions

Individual insights and hints to build financial wealth

Make decisions with the help of expert knowledge

Aligned interests

We thought of everything that is important to you

not gambling

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No false promises.
Products and strategies with maximum security.

Your data
belongs to you

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Your data is only used to improve your personal recommendations.

Promoting sustainability

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Sustainable impact and increased returns? We show you how.

A bank?
Nah, better. is the holistic app for your financial life - combining personal coaching and automated investments.

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