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Our mission

We make finances accessible for everyone.

A well-structured financial setup can fuel your life. Less stress and anxiety, more freedom and dreams. We support you during the journey with smart algorithms and personal coaching by financial experts. We allow you to focus on living your life while we take care of your financial setup in the background.

Konradin Breyer

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Founder & CEO

Konradin is an expert in digital product development and finances. At Freeletics, he was responsible for building one of the most successful fitness coaching apps in the world. At Forget, he combines this experience with his passion for financial topics. He studied Economics and Technology Management and is a certified financial investment broker. Konradin dreams of a world where everyone can lead a more self-determined life by setting up their finances in the right way.

Jurek Herwig

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Founder & CTO

Jurek has more than 7 years of software development experience in the financial sector. As CTO of Neugelb, he led multiple software teams while being responsible for building Commerzbank’s banking app. Before that, he was part of Accenture and developed technological infrastructure for banks. Jurek has a master’s degree in Information systems from university of Mannheim. His mission is to make finances radically easy.

Our investors

As well as the founders of

Hanno Renner

Marcus Wolsdorf

Patrick Andrä

Florian Brokamp

Jakob Schreyer

Reiner Mauch

Sebastian Schuon

Erik Muttersbach

Nino Ulsamer

What we believe in

We advise you as we would advise our friends

Personalized for you

We believe that well-structured finances have a positive influence on your life. For this reason, we show you how to make more out of your money based on your values.

No false promises

We will steer you away from the latest financial fads to ensure you are only receiving recommendations based on scientific insights.

Close to life

A simple implementation of your finances is just as important as what they move for you. Our solutions are easy to understand and run almost by themselves.


Space for your passion

It shouldn't be a privilege of the rich to make more out of one's own money. Everyone deserves to get help optimizing their financial situation. This is the core reason why we built
Let us help you you tackle your finances so you can focus on your passions.

Not everyone needs to start from scratch. With us, you receive advice and recommendations developed by real experts. Not the kind of advice that only lines your advisor's pockets, but real advice that improves your financial wellbeing. Trends can be fun, but aren't suitable for sustainably building wealth.


Would you like to join us on our mission?

Some of the perks and benefits of being on our team include:

Early-stage startup

Competitive salary + equity

Office with terrace & gym in Kreuzberg

Team offsites

Interdisciplinary, experienced team

Flexible working times

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