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Invest directly via the Forget app.

Effortlessly put your personalized strategy into action and start making your money work for you. Save and invest automatically in sustainable investments, for each of your goals, all in separate buckets.

Invest nowInvest now

Start investing from as little as €1.

Even with a small first investment of a few euros, your investments are already optimally invested - sustainably, diversified and at minimal cost.

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Save separately in as many buckets as you like.

Organize your assets into as many buckets as you like, and invest them separately for varying goals. This way, you have perfect control over your money at all times, allowing you to achieve your goals.

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Tap, tap, invested. Maximum simplicity, security and flexibility directly from your account.

With a few taps, you can invest securely with direct debit payments directly from your bank account. You can deposit and withdraw funds flexibly at any time, without any transaction costs.

No transaction fees

Deposit via direct debit

Daily flexible deposit and withdrawal

Adjust or pause savings plans at any time

If you start from scratch and invest €500 per month, you would be covered by a €6,000 rainy day fund after one year and have 232,777.50 in 20 years.

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We invest your money sustainably.

Sustainable investments allow you to not only make a profit, but also have a positive impact on the environment and society. With Forget Finance, your money is invested in sustainable ESG funds managed by our B Corp certified partner EVERGREEN. The funds explicitly avoid unsustainable industries such as arms, coal and others that violate the UN Global Compact.

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ESG Fund and B Corp Certification

Our investment partner, EVERGREEN, is B Corp certified. EVERGREEN has attained this certification by demonstrating added value for people and the environment.

What your money is not invested in!

All industries with violations of the UN Global Compact. This includes, but is not limited to industries such as nuclear weapons, coal, oil sands, tobacco, and civilian firearms.

What your money is invested in!

Equities, bonds and impact investments filtered according to strict ESG criteria that contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Security and return on investment without you having to worry about it.

Your money is invested worldwide in more than 2500 sustainable stocks, government bonds and impact investments, and is actively managed by Forget for you. Due to the broad diversification of your investments, the long term risk of a loss is minimal.

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Maximum security for your savings.

The best sustainable asset management.

Your investments are managed by the BaFin-licensed asset manager EVERGREEN. Awarded by Wirtschatfswoche as best Robo Advisor for sustainability, low costs and maximum security.

One of the leading custodian banks.

Your money and your funds are held at DAB BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in Europe.

Separate estate 100% protected against insolvency.

Your investment belongs only to you. Even in case of insolvency of Forget Finance or our BaFin-licensed partners, you are 100% protected from losses.

€100.000 EU deposit protection.

The settlement account for your securities account is covered by the EU deposit guarantee up to €100,000.

Security via pin and FaceID

Data 256 bit SSL encrypted

10 risk levels for for varying securities and returns - dependent on your goals.

The longer you invest, and the more flexible you are with cash out periods, the less fluctuations in the markets will impact your investments. In the long run, well-diversified risk is rewarded with high returns.

Learn how we actively reduce risk

We determine your risk

We control the fluctuation depending on the goal

Depending on the risk level, the allocation of your money to stocks, bonds and cash is controlled. This way, you have exactly the right balance of return and security for each bucket.

Invest at risk level  1 for medium-term goals

More of your money goes into impact investments and bonds than into stocks. For low fluctuation, you are rewarded with a small return. This is ideal for a rainy day fund ☔️ or savings for a trip around the world 🏝.

0.5 to 2.5%

Expected return

+/- 2.0%

Expected fluctuation

Invest at risk level 10 for the future

Thanks to high equity ratios, you benefit from returns and dividends from companies worldwide. This is a good choice for wealth accumulation 📈 or retirement 👵.

5.5 to 7.5%

Expected return

+/- 11.0%

Expected fluctuation

At a Glance

Invest without fees from €1

Saving costs means staying flexible and getting more return for your goals.

Sustainable and secure asset management

The investment strategy of our funds combines security, return, and impact.

Endless savings buckets with unique risk levels

All your savings in one app, always with just the right strategy.

Flexible deposit and withdrawal

Within 3 business days you can easily deposit and withdraw your money.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the minimum deposit?

You can pay into a pot and invest from as little as €1.
Savings plans are also possible from as little as €1 per month.

What does a deposit cost?

Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge at Forget Finance. There are no fees for you when buying or selling the investment funds.

All info about costs and free features.

How long does a withdrawal take?

You can withdraw the money from your pots on a daily basis. Once you make a withdrawal, it usually takes 3-4 business days for the money to be transferred back to your account. 

How long does a deposit take?

Deposits usually take 3-4 business days until your money is actually invested. Since these are conveniently collected by direct debit from your bank account, this also depends on your bank.

What if I want to access my money quickly?

You can withdraw your invested money flexibly on a daily basis - 2 taps are enough: we sell your investments and transfer the money to you within 3-4 working days.

In this respect, it can be advantageous if you (especially with a shorter investment horizon) are somewhat flexible with the timing of the payout, so that you do not realize losses. Think long term and stick with it.

How can I set up a savings plan?
  • When creating your financial strategy, you can create separate monthly savings plans for each pot (nest egg, sabbatical, retirement, etc.).
  • Savings plans are debited from your account on the 3rd working day of the month - depending on the bank, you may not see them in your banking app until a few days later (usually debited between the 5th and 10th of the month).
  • You can change savings plans at any time before the next debit or set them to 0 €.
  • You can always create new pots for further financial goals in Forget with your own savings plans.
Which fees do I have to pay at Forget Finance?

In summary: If you have invested e.g. €1.000 with us, the funds of our partners will cost you €5,90 per year, including all transactions and optimization features. The coaching will only cost you if you use it.

  • The use of the Forget App is free and without obligation.
  • If you open a custody account and asset management contract with our partners DAB and EVERGREEN via the app, there are no ongoing costs.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.
  • Your money is invested in funds whose risk is actively managed. Within the funds there are 0.59% fund costs per year - these ongoing costs are automatically deducted as with all funds and ETFs and correspond to the TER (total expense ratio). In addition, there are no front-end loads, no transaction costs and no service fees. As our funds are traded over-the-counter, there are no hidden bid-offer spreads, unlike ETFs.
  • You can also take advantage of our personal coaching offers as a subscription (from €9,99 per month) and video sessions (from €60 per 30 min).

Additionally, with Forget Finance there is

  • no service fee
  • no performance fee
  • no front-end load
  • no transaction fee
  • no hidden bid-offer spreads, because unlike ETFs, our funds are traded over-the-counter

All info about the costs and free features.

What happens when I activate my financial strategy?

You can use the Forget app to plan various investment pots (nest egg, sabbatical, retirement, etc.) - without any obligation and without having to open a securities account first. For each pot, you can set a one-time deposit and a savings rate of your choice.

To activate this financial plan, you open a securities account in the app with our banking partner DAB BNP Paribas and a contract with the sustainable asset management company EVERGREEN. Once your account has been successfully opened, your deposits and savings plans will be automatically activated and debited from your account. You can then view and control your investments completely via the Forget Finance app.

Simplified calculation example in which your complete savings installment is invested in the first year into the rainy day fund, starting from the second year into your retirement provision or asset accumulation - in total you save €120,000 in 20 years. The return on the rainy day fund (0.5-2.5% expected per year) is not taken into account. For long-term goals, we calculate 7.5% expected return per year at risk level 10. Your investments can fluctuate, the returns can be lower or higher.