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Your money is working for you.

With the Forget Finance app, you not only have insight and access to your money at all times, but we also optimize your investments for you in the background.

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Active risk management

Less fluctuation for maximum flexibility. ️

With Forget Finance, you can not only invest for the long term, but can also make returns for medium-term goals without putting too much at stake. How does it work?

The goal of risk management is to minimize the fluctuations of your investments while maintaining the same return. You don't get a rigid ETF portfolio. Instead, the stock, bond and cash ratios in each risk level are actively managed for you.

Due to the automatic and daily adjustments, you need to worry less about the optimal timing and are more flexible with deposits and withdrawals.

tax automation

We optimize your taxes! 💰

The smart tax algorithm makes maximum use of your exemption order. This saves you up to €224.24 in taxes per year. This way, you'll get a greater net payout when you cash out and spend the money from your buckets.

No idea about taxes? Never mind, we'll take care of it for you automatically.

Your wealth building on autopilot.

Reach your goals through automated savings plans distributed across your buckets.

Your stock dividends are immediately being reinvested, optimizing your compound interest.

Daily Rebalancing – The distribution of your investments across the global markets is constantly being adjusted appropriately.

Adapt flexibly at any time – Decrease, increase, or pause your savings rates at any time.

Always have a full overview.

Your buckets show you intelligent insights at any moment so you always know how you are doing, and where you can improve.

Securely connect your main bank account with the Forget app to keep track of your finances.

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Your personal insights

Connect your bank account

Keep track of your money

At a glance

Daily risk management

Less fluctuation by adjusting your stock and bond allocation.

Smart Tax Algorithm

We make maximum use of your exemption and you save taxes.

Taxes are paid automatically

The taxes on your profits are automatically paid for you.

Daily rebalancing

Optimal adjustment of your risk-return ratio.

Frequently asked questions.

How exactly can I optimize my taxes with you guys?

First of all, you don't have to worry about anything. We'll take care of that for you! We'll make sure that you can make the most of the saver's allowance from the government.

How this works:

  • We check the income situation in your securities account every year. As soon as we know your situation, we realize - through the sale and directly subsequent purchase of the fund shares in the corresponding amount - annual profits in the amount of your tax allowance.

Still difficult to understand? Here is an example:

  • You invest your money for 10 years. After 10 years you have made a profit of 10.000 Euro. Normally your profit is now taxed at 25%, except for the tax-free amount of currently about 800 Euro. 9.200 Euro of your profit will be taxed and 800 Euro will not be taxed. With Forget Finance you can use the allowance every year, so 10 x 800 Euro. In the ideal case, only 2,000 euros of your profit will be taxed and 8,000 euros (= 10 x 800 euros allowance) will remain tax free. That is in the best case 1,800 euros less tax.

*Simplified example: the tax-free amount is currently 801€ (1000€ from 2023). In addition to the 25% tax rate for capital gains, there is a 5.5% solidarity surcharge (calculated on the 25% capital gains tax) and, if applicable, church tax - the tax savings can therefore be even higher.