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Your money. Your personal financial plan.

Whether it's building a home, a relaxing retirement, or your dream vacation. Forget Finance provides you with a holistic financial plan that protects you in case of emergencies, helps you save for medium-term goals, and gives you long-term returns for your future.

Create financial planCreate financial plan

Get your personalized strategy in 3 minutes.

Good financial planning starts with you and your personal goals. With the Forget app, you can plan your finances step by step with the friendly finance bot, Coin.

Save time and make smart decisions.

The Forget app helps you properly allocate your savings into a holistic financial strategy. It also allows you to customize your savings rates, to open an account and to start investing.

Your smart
financial goal creation

Non-binding planning before opening a securities account

Discover your risk appetite

The rainy day fund. ☔️

The rainy day fund is the basis of your financial plan. As a buffer, it is available for unexpected expenses. It also saves you more money for insurance since you can bear more risks yourself. The rainy day fund is invested with minimal risk and is available quickly - although it is unlikely that you will need to use it often.

Your future. 👵🏼

Growing older is fun, especially when you are not worried about your finances. Invest long term and benefit from compound interest. Use the app to plan savings rates and see the potential for long-term wealth accumulation 📈 and retirement planning 👵.

Your savings buckets with return. 🐷

Would you like to set goals and make your dreams come true? With the Forget app, you can set up multiple buckets to help save for a trip around the world 🏝, your dream house 🏡, and any goal you can think of! Your savings installments are invested at your desired risk.

Want to see how well your current finances are doing? Get your Forget Finance Score now.

Take the free financial test and receive personalized recommendations.

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At a glance

Holistic financial plan

Get the app and get your financial strategy completely free!

Personalized financial tips

Benefit from personalized financial advice that is all about you!

Your own personal savings buckets

No matter what your next dream is, use the Forget app to save money and make it your new reality!

Your data belongs to you

Your data will never be sold to third parties. It is used only to optimize our recommendations for your finances.

Frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to open a securities account?

The opening of a securities account takes about 30 minutes including the video identification. Normally, our partner bank opens the securities account for you within 5 business days. In certain cases, there may be queries which can delay the process by approx. 1 week (e.g. in the case of a different registration address or foreign identity documents). Please contact us if the process unexpectedly takes longer than a week.