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Investing has never been easier, smarter, and more affordable.

Forget Finance costs less than your bank advisor or robo-advisor. Also, thanks to a sustainable investment strategy and smart optimizations, Forget Finance is likely to yield greater returns than your trading app.

€ 0

Savings plans and transactions

No hidden costs. Simply invest by direct debit from your account. Savings plans. Flexible withdrawals at any time.

0 %

No service fees

Your Forget Finance account is free of charge, you only pay the fund costs.

Safeguarded and guaranteed.

Your money is safely stored and invested for you via the Forget Finance app with our BaFin-licensed partners EVERGREEN and DAB BNP Paribas. Money on the clearing account is EU deposit protected up to €100,000 and all your investments are protected against insolvency as separate property without limits.

All features included.

Personalized financial plan

Plan your goals based on your situation with our intelligent financial algorithm.

Invest from €1 🌿

Invest sustainably, safely, and separately for each of your goals in 10 possible risk levels. Get return on investment without prior knowledge or effort. *¹

The Forget rainy day fund ☔️

A bucket for unexpected expenses invested at low risk to offset inflation.

Buckets for your future 👵👶

Invest for the long term and experience the benefits of compound interest. For your future.

As many as you wish

Invest your savings buckets 🐷📈

Separate buckets for vacations, your dream house, and any other goals you can imagine! Each invested at your desired risk level.

As many as you wish

We optimize your taxes

We make maximum use of your exemption order through our tax algorithm. Know nothing about taxes? Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you automatically. *³

Active risk management

Stay more flexible with your money through our risk management system which minimizes fluctuations.

Daily rebalancing

Our fund management balances risk levels on a daily basis. Your risk-return ratio thus always remains optimal.

E-mail customer service

Questions or problems before or after opening a securities account? We want your financial life to run smoothly, so are always available to answer your questions via e-mail.

No hidden costs.

Daily withdrawals

You always have access to your money. Withdraw flexibly from your account at any time and have your money within 3 business days.


Savings plans and deposits

Invest easily by direct debit from your account*⁵ for €0.


Extremely low fund costs

No front-end load, no bad share prices (bid-offer spreads). Just cheap and sustainable funds. *⁴

0,59% per year

Based on your invested money (TER)

No service fee

We do not charge a service fee for your securities account and transactions, resulting in greater returns for you.


Maximum security for your savings.

The best sustainable asset management.

Your investments are managed by the BaFin-licensed asset manager EVERGREEN. Awarded by Wirtschatfswoche as best Robo Advisor for sustainability, low costs and maximum security.

One of the leading custodian banks.

Your money and your funds are with DAB BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in Europe.

Separate property 100% insolvency-protected.

Your investment belongs only to you. Even in case of insolvency of Forget Finance or our BaFin-licensed partners, you are 100% protected from losses.

€100.000 EU deposit protection.

The settlement account for your securities account is protected by the EU deposit protection up to €100,000.

Security via pin and FaceID

Data 256 bit SSL encrypted

Frequently asked questions.

Is there a minimum term / period of notice?

No, there is no minimum term and no cancellation period. You can simply withdraw the invested money at any time via the Forget app.
You want to close your account with our partner bank? Then write to us and we will terminate your account free of charge.

*¹ Our asset management partner EVERGREEN is a certified BCorp and your money will be invested in Article 8 sustainable ESG funds.

*² Works at 3,400 banks in 18 European countries. Unfortunately not yet at SolarisBank (Tomorrow or Vivid).

*You may receive €801 of capital gains tax-free per year at a tax rate of 25% plus solidarity surcharge and, if applicable, church tax. If you have profits in your securities account, we will realize them for you so that you can make the best possible use of your lump-sum savings amount.

*⁴ Example: For example, if you invested 1,000€ with us, our partners' funds will cost you 5.90€ per year, including all optimization features.

*⁵ Up to €100,000 in 8 weeks. You want to invest more? No problem, just transfer and off you go!